Meet the Visionary Behind Orgwright

Orgwright isn’t just another consulting firm. It’s the embodiment of a lifetime of hard-won insights, passionate commitment to executing strategy, and a relentless pursuit of empowering leaders and their teams. At the heart of Orgwright lies its founder, a transformative leader and five-time founder with a lifetime of experience in the technology and business arena.

The Founder's Journey

Dennis’s professional arc is a testament to a lifelong commitment to growth, innovation, and leadership. Beginning as a technologist and individual contributor focused on innovation technical solutions and evolving into a strategic business leader that elevates others and delivers results. 

The leadership ethos that guides Dennis is an amalgamation of hard earned experience, continuous learning, and systems thinking:

– **Systems Thinking**: Dennis excels in understanding intricate systems, providing holistic and strategic solutions to multifaceted problems.

– **Visionary Engagement**: His ability to cast visions and tell compelling stories inspires collective action and drives toward a shared future.

– **Continuous Learning**: He is an advocate for perpetual growth, ensuring that innovation and education are at the core of his leadership approach.

– **Empathy and Communication**: He combines compassion with a knack for relatable communication, bridging complex ideas and diverse teams with ease.

Leadership requires two things: a vision of the world that doesn't exist yet and the ability to communicate it ~ Simon Sinek


A Special Talent

One skillsets sets our founder apart—his ability to deconstruct the complexity of business problems and distill them into simple, potent steps that yield significant results. Leveraging systems thinking, he identifies core areas of focus and devises innovative solutions that consistently drive success.

The Legacy

Today, with Orgwright, he shares this wealth of knowledge and experience with other leaders. His legacy lies in the businesses he’s helped transform, the leaders he’s inspired, and the strategies he’s helped bring to life.

The Vision

At Orgwright, we envision a world where every business is a strategy-executing powerhouse. Our mission: to guide organizations in their journey towards strategic execution, equipping them with the tools, insights, and support they need to turn strategic plans into tangible outcomes.

Orgwright is more than just a consulting firm—it’s a lifelong vision to empower businesses and their leaders to execute strategy effectively and successfully. We invite you to join us on this journey.

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