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Building LeadingAgile into a Transformative Powerhouse

Challenge: Transforming a small startup into a team of over 100 professionals, delivering transformative consulting engagements for clients in complex digital landscapes.

Solution: Our founder played a pivotal role in the successful expansion of LeadingAgile. He drove the design and implementation of transformative consulting engagements for a diverse range of clients, emphasizing the practical application of Agile methodologies.

Result: LeadingAgile grew from a small startup to a team of over 100 professionals delivering transformational solutions for a diverse clientele.

Unleashing Clients' Potential through Synaptus

Challenge: Aligning service-oriented software solutions with evolving business models, particularly in integrating emerging technologies like AI and ML.

Solution: At Synaptus, our founder established a consulting firm that utilized a strategic business architecture practice to align tech transformations with business strategies, thus enabling organizations to effectively leverage emerging technologies.

Result: Enabled clients to integrate AI and ML into their business strategies for enhanced efficiency and innovation, while also developing long-lasting professional relationships.

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Case Study Image

From Part-time CIO to Transformative Leader at Knowledge In Process

Challenge: Revitalizing a faltering IT organization, implementing cost control measures, and developing advanced client-server and handheld systems across various industries.

Solution: As a part-time CIO for multiple companies, the founder oversaw all aspects of the business. His strategic organizational development, cost control measures, and development of advanced systems transformed businesses.

Result: Successfully built a self-reliant, high-performing IT team, spurred customer satisfaction, and achieved annual savings of over $150,000.

Providing Streamlined Solutions at North Highland

Challenge: Serving as Interim CIO for a national home services firm in acquisition mode, and integrating multiple trades into a unified operating model.

Solution: Directed the development of call center and field service systems and oversaw the successful merger of 15 firms into a streamlined system.

Result: Provided efficient, streamlined solutions for the firm, successfully merging multiple trades into a unified operating model.

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Case Study Image

Driving Growth at Arete Consulting Atlanta

Challenge: Scaling consulting through repeatable models amid rapid corporate growth, while providing high-quality and accurate services.

Solution: Successfully led the organization and accounts payable through a 400% corporate growth rate without expanding MIS or accounts payable staff while improving quality and accuracy.

Result: Led Arete Consulting Atlanta towards scaling successfully through innovative business models, which was subsequently acquired by Perot Systems.

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