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At Orgwright, our focus is on one thing—empowering businesses to execute strategy with unprecedented effectiveness and agility. Born from the insights of a 5-time founder and seasoned executive, we deliver tailored, high-impact workshops, consulting services, and implementation support that put your organization on the path to sustainable growth and success.

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Welcome to Orgwright—your partner in navigating the complex landscape of the tech-centric business world. Our founder, a 60-year-old seasoned executive, brings a wealth of experience from founding and leading successful organizations as well as 100’s of consulting engagements.. His superpower lies in simplifying complex business problems and crafting novel, powerful solutions that drive results.

Orgwright was born from a commitment to foster leadership teams that not only deliver on organizational goals but are also empowered to make key decisions and bring their unique insights to problem-solving. Our programs foster transparency and accountability, optimizing your chances for success in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Case Study Image

The name “OrgWright” is derived from the concept of “wright,” an archaic English term used to denote a craftsman or builder. Just as a shipwright crafts ships and a wheelwright crafts wheels, OrgWright is all about crafting or ‘wrighting’ organizations. The name embodies our mission to help organizations restructure, optimize, and transform their processes, strategies, and cultures. By doing so, we assist them in navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape, enabling them to become more streamlined, resilient, and agile. Our ultimate aim is to develop ‘wrights’ in each organizations so that they are well-equipped for future challenges and opportunities.

Discover a partnership that goes beyond the boardroom. At Orgwright, we stay by your side, guiding you on your journey towards becoming a strategy-executing powerhouse.

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